There’s an expensive lesson in getting travel insurance

Rick Kahler

I thought I knew a lot about travel insurance until recently, when I learned something new. It was an expensive lesson.

My wife and I had booked an expedition cruise to the Arctic for our 30th wedding anniversary. A mechanical cancellation of a Delta flight delayed us by 25 hours, resulting in missing the sailing. Because it was an expedition cruise in a hard-to-access area, there was no opportunity to catch up with the ship.

As always, I had purchased travel insurance. As always, I assumed cancellation coverage was for any cancellation of a common carrier resulting in you losing non-refundable deposits. I also assumed that purchasing “travel interruption for any reason” coverage for 75% of the trip cost meant just that, for any reason. Unfortunately, I had not read the 48 pages of fine print that would have revealed my assumptions were wrong.


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